BestDeck Range

At MNA we offer the various decking solutions supplied by BestDeck:

The range not only includes decking planks, but we offer the same engineered composite wood in a variety of products: Cladding, deck tiles, deck planks and balustrades. The planks are all hollow cavity, making them light and easy to work with and because of the precision engineering our cavity planks are just as strong as a solid wood plank.



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Mna is Accredited to Supply and Install Best Deck Composite Decking

Composite Floor Planks:

Benefits of Composite Floor Planks

  • Composite floor planks are the perfect flooring system for venues and areas where you need a watertight flooring option. The difference between floor planks and deck planks is that there are no gaps between the floor planks.
  • The seamless nature of the floor planks makes it perfect for venues and tented bush camps, where people may drop small items such as jewellery and you need a watertight solution
  • No gaps between planks.
  • Watertight and durable, perfect for bush camps.
  • Can be manufactured to size..

Composite Decking:

Benefits of Wood Deck

  • Composite Wood Deck Tiles are simple to install.
  • Your existing structure is the solid surface you will lay it onto, there is no additional structure required.
  • Not requiring a structure makes Deck Tiles a great option for home renovations and outdoor area revamps..
  • A great alternative to concrete, tiled and paved outdoor surfaces. Achieve a more natural look that is virtually maintenance-free and eco-friendly

Composite Wall Cladding:

Ideal for any Residential & Commercial buildings

  • A quality composite wood exterior wall cladding, whether on a new build or renovation project, can have a dramatic impact on a building’s overall appearance.
  • Hidden screw and overlap join ensures a neat end-product
  • Cost- effective
  • No need to paint, seal or treat the cladding
  • Simple installation

Some Projects Completed by MNA and BestDeck


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