What is Balau?

Balau is a hardwood native to Asia where, given its durability, it is widely used within the construction industry. Over recent years it has significantly increased in popularity in both Europe and America, with high end customers recognizing the attributes that make it particularly suitable for use in decking. Its coloration has also brought it to the fore of the market, as its light to mid browns and sandy red/oranges give it an eye-catching, contemporary look, particularly when wet.


How to clean Balau Decking

1. The first step would be to sweep the deck to get rid of any leaves and other debris and then remove dirt from between the slats with a slim tool such as a butter knife.
2. Rinse the deck with a hose pipe and be sure to cover the whole deck in order to rinse it thoroughly.
3. A pressure hose can be used to clean the deck properly and a hard bristled brush can be used for scrubbing stubborn marks on the deck’s surface.
4. It is optional to use oxygen bleach to clean the deck, as it is an environmentally-friendly cleaner unlike chlorine bleach.
5. The bleach should be diluted with water and only amild oxygen bleach should be used to minimise damage.
6. Simply apply this to the deck and use a scrubbing brush, then rinse with a pressure hose or hosepipe.